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ISBN-9780910937054  KINDLE

 Glengarry Plantation. A house divided by war.


 Clete Slater returns from war to find his home occupied by Federal soldiers and his sister engaged to a Yankee.

Disinherited and disowned he has no choice except to live by the words that have served his family generation after generation, Now he will make the family creed A TEXAS CREED.      


ISBN-13: 978-0910937320     TRADE PAPERBACK

ISBN-13: 978-0-910937-13-9     KINDLE

 ​TEXAS PAYBACK The Civil War was hell for Captain Clete Slater, a forgotten hero of the Confederacy, and the Texas Reconstruction's even worse. His Texas home-town is overrun with carpetbaggers and bluecoats. He's hunted by the law for a crime he didn't commit. He rides south to Mexico with a new name, Slate Creed, to hide his real identity. Riding across the Rio Grande, Creed expects to find frontier justice for the real culprits - a murderous gang of bandits who killed his brother. Instead he finds another country torn apart by its own civil war. And Creed must choose which battle he wants to fight: Mexico's or his own.




ISBN-9780910937238  KINDLE


​THE HEART OF A REBEL…The war didn’t end at Appomattox-not for men like Slate Creed. His beloved Texas is swarming with bluecoats and carpetbaggers. Riding into Victoria, Creed finds himself caught in a standoff between the angry townfolk and the company of Union soldiers sent to occupy the town.


Now Creed has to choose—between Northern law and Southern loyalty…

Based on actual records, this exciting epic series captures the post-war West as you’ve never seen it before-the explosive story of a town held hostage by Northern corruption…and the one man who dared to fight back. Hallettsville, Texas and many of the characters and events depicted in this series are real.

CLETE SLATER – A forgotten confederate hero, he’s changed his name to Slate Creed, but nothing could disguise his fiery passion for justice.

COLONEL BENJAMIN HILL – For this old soldier, the Civil War would never end – not until the South was victorious and the black man was in chains.

THE GOLIHAR BROTHERS – Once Creed’s bitterest enemies, they were staunch allies in a land where a man always needed someone to watch his back.

CATHERINE RAMSDALE – A wild Texan beauty, she was as explosive as Rebel gunpowder – and just as dangerous.

C OLONEL ISACC ROSE – He hid behind the authority of his uniform to work his own sadistic will – to capture and lynch Slate Creed.

SERGEANT MARCUS JONES – As a black man he hated the Rebs as much as anyone. But as a Union soldier he was sworn to uphold the law for blacks as well as whites. ​​​



ISBN-9780910937458  KINDLE

​      Following the trail of his brother’s killers, Slate Creed, wanted by the bluecoats for a crime he didn’t commit, leaves his family, his girl and his ravaged


 Texas town, Hallettsville behind. His quest takes him to the gambling dens of New Orleans and into the arms of the devious Charlotte Beaujeu. Along the way, he meets young Scott Houchin who is returning to his Kentucky home after recovering his stolen Thoroughbred. Creed learns of a gambler’s scheme to steal the colt and appoints himself guardian of Scott and the racehorse. Creed encounters danger from New Orleans to Mammoth Cave as he attempts to foil the plot to purloin the valuable steed.


KENTUCKY PRIDE: Episode 4 in the continuing saga of the Texas fugitive slate creed.  



ISBN-13: 978-0-910937-58-0 TRADE PAPER& KINDLE EDITION


When the Civil War ended, Slate Creed’s toughest battle hadn’t even begun. First they drove him from his Texas home for a crime he didn’t commit. A crooked federal marshal with an itchy trigger finger started dogging his trail. And now, on a manhunt Missouri to find the renegades who framed him, he’s headed straight into a deadly snare: a ruthless scheme plotted by none other than Jesse James.

If James has his way, Creed will soon be tightening the noose around his neck…


Based on actual records, this exciting epic series captures the postwar West as you’ve never seen it before – the explosive story of a town held hostage by Northern corruption…and the one man who dared to fight back. Hallettsville, Texas and many of the characters and events depicted in this series are real.





It was Martha Doak's last wish—and it may lead Slate Creed to his last showdown. Creed promised the half-blood squaw that he'd see her son Little Bee safe and sound to his uncle in the Choctaw Nation. Trouble is, the trip will take him through some of the meanest badland settlements the Nations have to offer-towns where Little Bee's kind isn't wanted—and the rebel Creed is. As murderous bushwhackers stalk their trail, the boy and Creed live by quick wits, cold steel, and an unbreakable pact...

But this time, will the Texas rebel's pact break him?



Slate Creed wants only one thing now that the Civil War is over—his good name back. The last thing he wants is more trouble—but it just won't stop dogging his trail. First of all, there's his old pal Clay Allison, who's found himself a romantic rival in none other than Cole Younger of the notorious Younger clan. But even more dangerous is a band of hostile Comanche...

And this time, Creed's luck just may run out.




On the run since the Civil War, Slate Creed sees a chance to clear his name when he finds Marshall Quade—the man who helped to frame him. The hard part will be getting him back to Texas to tell the tale...especially when a trumped-up charge of murder threatens to put both their necks in a noose.



 Creed has a signed confession in his hand—the confession that will finally   clear his name. With his nephew and sister-in-law he's headed to Texas. But his trail is fraught with danger...and it won't do Creed much good to regain his reputation if he loses his life in the process...


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